Sunday, September 12, 2010


my flickr homepage . . .

The web 2.0 tool that I chose for this post is flickr, an image sharing tool created by yahoo. My interest in flickr stems from the need to organize the multitudes of images that I have produced and continue to produce at a prodigious rate! While most people think of flickr as a photography site, it’s much more than that. I find it useful for making libraries of images based upon the medium. A section for photos could be further subdivided by subject matter or any other criteria. I also use it to post images of digital paintings, digital 3d art, fractal art and art created in virtual environments. The upload process is streamlined and makes the uploading of bulk images very easy.

The true power of this application comes with the ability to share not only images, but the story behind how the image was created as well. This makes flickr a valuable tool for the sharing of information and it facilitates the evolving of communities of practice. For instance, I am a member of several groups that concentrate on specific camera models that I use. These groups are an excellent resource for tips & tricks that might otherwise go unpublished. It is a good example of democratization in the sharing of information and would prove to be a valuable tool for an arts instructor or a student who is interested in image creation and manipulation. I have found flickr to be a much more reliable and “leaner” solution to image organization than applications such as iPhoto. The introduction of interactivity and the ability to contribute content make flickr a better choice for the learner.

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