Saturday, September 25, 2010

BP13_practical experience week 4

For my week 4 practical experience project I chose a program that we received a couple of months ago but which I haven’t had the opportunity to use as of yet – Comic Life. Ever since I discovered The Wastelands in Second Life the words “graphic novel” keep coming to mind. I think the imagery there is perfect for story telling. SO Comic Life seems like it would be an excellent resource. The above image is an example of some of the possibilities I’m exploring. Second Life provides possibilities in other genres as well, such as western, pirate, sci fi and so much more. As I’ve never really been much of a comic book person I did a bit of research and found the popularity of these among young people to be an interesting trend. I wouldn’t underestimate the possible educational potential of this medium. Now I have no illusions of breaking into the comic industry. I think this tool will be useful for self-publishing original content. With the advent of on demand online publishing such as Café Press, the distribution of content created using Comic Life is greatly simplified. Comic Life appears to export straight to pdf so content could be made to be very portable indeed. This format could prove to be very useful in the production of persuasive educational pieces.

There’re no Lynda tutorials available for this application. So far the interface appears to be intuitive and user friendly. I don’t think learning this application will require too much of a learning curve. I’ll let you know about my progress . . .

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