Thursday, September 2, 2010

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View of Knik Glacier from Jim Creek Palmer, AK
© 2010 Wayne B. Todd

Choosing five specific sites to include as professional resources turned out to be quite the exercise in editing. I needed to take into consideration my goals both academically and professionally as well as the desire to relocate to Alaska. Thus the inclusion of which I have found useful in the past for initiating professional contacts in the media world. It is but one such resource that I use, but it seemed like a good example to include here. In that respect the The Anchorage Daily News seemed also to be a vital source to include here. It’s imperative that I keep my finger on the pulse of events and trends in Alaska if I am to meet my goal of moving there after completing this program. When considering what I’ll soon be facing regarding the my need to employ multiple sources of media files and the need for multiple websites in addition to what I can produce here with iWeb, keeping tabs with what’s going on with, the hosting service that I use is essential. I foresee the need to register another domain or two and host some streaming media. Speaking of technology sites I also included Second Life feeds in my PLE. There seems to be great changes taking place in SL and some controversy concerning third party viewers and it’s important to keep informed and up to date as I will be using this as a tool throughout this program and hopefully in future educational media ventures. I’m glad that they include a technology feed that I can focus on when needed. Finally, I chose to include the EMDT blogs for obvious reasons. I expect to be following these for years to come! Well, these are the five that I’ve chosen to focus on here. There will be many others that will come and go as my use of the PLE evolves.


  1. Wayne,
    I decided to comment on your blog because I found it interesting and you have a nice mix of professional and personal RSS feeds.
    As a father who watched one of my daughters move to Colorado with her husband using only the Internet to find a job, an apartment and resources of friends and business contacts, I was intrigued by your quest to move to Alaska. She was very successful, and I am sure you will be also!
    Elance is one of many business connection websites that links people together. I think a person needs to be on these sites as a matter of survival. As we know, getting the right job is not necessarily having the right skills as much as it is knowing the right people in the right places. I am amazed by how many people think sending out resumes will get you a job. In most cases this is not true.
    The Anchorage Daily must be a great source for understanding the culture, find out what is happening, and finding out the weather! Great choice.
    Bluehost is an interesting choice. I never thought about hooking up to my web hosting company to get up-to-date information and interesting hosting tips -another good choice.
    Keeping up on Second Life is an excellent idea. As you said, Second Life is constantly changing and there are content issues as well as information about what activities are available there.
    EMDT is a great source to keep up on what is happening in our world. All in all, you have a great mix of information coming at you. I am sure you will be adding more as you go along and discover what a great resource this is.
    In looking over your Blogger, I would say I would like to see a clearer picture of you and a more complete ‘about me’ section so we can learn more about you. I enjoyed the post!

  2. Hey Curt,
    Thanks for the feedback. I took your advice and posted a better profile pic and filled out my profile. I agree, much better!