Sunday, September 26, 2010

BP13b_practical experience week 4

Test prints on my Epson R1800 indicated the need set SL to take pictures at the highest possible resolution (6016 pixels wide). The above page was printed at 300 dpi and the quality needs improvement. The graphic settings in SL need to be set to their upper limits. Draw distance needs to be set to a high value to capture distant objects. I had some alias problems so that setting needs to bet set high as well. All of this will slow SL down considerably so pre-planning is a must. I also need to watch the lighting and perspectives when shooting in SL. I just need to be thinking with the specific goal in mind when shooting. I’m debating about whether or not to do any post - production on the images using Painter. While this appeals to me in an aesthetic way I just don’t see it as practical in terms of time and labor in respect to the scope of my vision. Besides, I like the way SL imagery looks in this context. I think it’s a natural fit for this medium. It's naturally cartoon-like when printed.

But overall I’m pleased and I’ve enjoyed learning about this handy tool. I look forward to seeing what creations I can manifest using Comic Life! I would like to use this concept to advance causes that are of concern to all of us such as energy policy, climate change, war and economic challenges. Propaganda, if you will. But this form of persuasive media has been around for quite some time and it fits well into my desire to find alternative methods of content delivery.

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